It was great to learn that the National Lockdown is going to end on 2nd December, however, todays announcement regarding North Somerset being placed into Tier 3 does have an impact on our ability to open our facilities.

In respect of the clubhouse, changing facilities and bar, these will remain shut as long as we are in Tier 3. 


In relation to returning to rugby, the RFU has a 6 stage plan to get back to full contact rugby (or to the relevant age grade regulations). During lockdown, the RFU returned to Stage A, but the intention is to recommence on 2nd December at Stage D, which is where we left off prior to Lockdown2. This is, however, subject to confirmation from the RFU, which is due over the coming days and to ensuring we can adhere to all laws relevant to Tier 3.


For Junior rugby, it is hoped that we can get the majority of age groups recommencing training on Sunday 6th December. 

For Senior rugby, it is planned that this can recommence from Wednesday 2nd December.


As mentioned, these plans are subject to confirmation that this is allowable by the RFU and the final plans will be sent out via the age group coaches for the junior section and Darren Chidzey from the senior section. 


I hope this clarifies the situation (as much as it can at this time), but if you have any questions, please contact your relevant Junior coach or the Chair of Playing for any rugby related queries, or Tony Warren for any queries relating to the club opening.

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