Wed 01 Aug 2018 09:10

Being a member of Nailsea & Backwell RFC

We're proud of our Club, and we want all of our members to be proud of it too. We also want all of our members to have a great time at the Club, and to be safe and feel safe both at the Club and when around fellow Club members.

Therefore, the Club has prepared a few documents to explain what is expected of our members, and what our members can expect from each other and the Club. These documents are listed below, and and can also be made available upon request. By submitting a membership application to the Club the member is also confirming that they have read and understood these documents, and that they agree to abide by them.

Privacy of your personal data is also important to the Club, and our Privacy Policy  describes what data we may hold, where it is stored, and how it is handled.

From the 2018/19 season, membership applications are to be processed online (via links on this website, which will redirect you to the RFU's secure GMS site for completion of the application). Processing applications in this way will ensure that members' details are accurate and up to date, and will help to protect the privacy of the submitted data.

Before applying for membership, you will need your username and password. You may be unaware that you even have one, but if you have been involved with the Club (or any Club) in recent years you will probably have an account. If you are not aware of your username, this can be requested from the Club Secretary or the Membership Secretary. Once the request has been received, your username (if you have one) will be emailed to the registered email address.

If you have forgotten or do not know your password, please use the Forgot Password facility on the GMS login page to reset it.

Once you have both your username and password, the process is (we think) pretty straightforward. Select a membership scheme in the Membership section of this website, and then login to the GMS site which will pop up automatically. Following this select the membership scheme (or schemes) you require, and then scroll to the bottom of the page to confirm your selection(s). Then, when you're ready, select Checkout and follow the prompts to submit payment.

Please note that if you wish to receive newsletters or reminders of events at the Club in your email inbox you should also select the Marketing Consent Membership scheme. This scheme has no charge, and has been set up to ensure that we only contact those members of the Club that would like occasional 'marketing' emails. This option is also available to members of the public that do not wish to sign-up to a paid membership.