Nailsea and Backwell hosted North Bristol at the West End for the very first time.

Nailsea and Backwell were tested early in the first half and they were unable to stop a strong back move, which saw North Bristol open the scoring.

Nailsea reset and calmed themselves which saw the inform Josef Jefferies cross the line for the first of his three tries which Nailsea failed to convert. 

North Bristol replied with a further try which saw them take the lead once more.

North Bristol kept up the pressure but the Nailsea Forward’s superb work rate saw them begin to dominate at the breakdowns.

Nailsea back line were superb and their brave, last minute offloads paid off and they exploited the gaps that were created as a result. 

With a whole 15 man effort Nailsea were rewarded with five mores tries, two courtesy of Jefferies and one a piece from Harry Blackburn, Harry Tiernan and Jay Wood.  Final score was 36-17 to Nailsea. 

Passion, grit and determination won this battle and one they hope to replicate when they host Weston Hornets in the Cup in two weeks time.

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