Nailsea and Backwell RFC are pleased to announce the introduction of a Volunteer Reward Points Scheme.

The scheme will be available to volunteers who assist with the setting up and smooth running of Club events.

Club volunteers who assist with marque erection, manning of gates, serving of food/sweets or marshalling, and are not doing such activities to raise funds for age groups or tours, will now be entitled to reward points that can be exchanged for drinks at the club bar.

Club members will be able to get the points added directly to their membership card, while non members will be entitled to points stored on an event group card, held by the group supervisor.

To be entitled to receive reward points, volunteers must advise the event organiser in advance, that they are willing to help to ensure inclusion in the points reward list. 

Club events.           Phil Love

Fireworks.               Joe Swanson

Xmas dinner.          Aidey Knighton

Presentation Eve.  Darren Chidzey

Miscellaneous.      Dave Hudson 

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