Mon 05 Nov 2018 16:18

On 28 October, the N&B Touch team participated in a very strong tournament held in Weston-Super-Mare.  Whilst the tournament was billed as ‘developmental’, it still contained some of the strongest teams in the UK with a large number of regional and national players participating in the teams N&B faced.

The N&B Touch team set itself a goal to enter these challenging competitions to bolster their game play and also the clubs standing in this format of the game.  The N&B squad who participated at Weston reflected this development strategy and the inclusive nature of our club, with players ranging in age from 14 to 45 years old!  The squads our Ravens faced consisted of mainly 20-something year olds from very experienced and high-quality teams.   

The N&B team performed excellently though, and whilst they didn’t win any of their games, they never lost by more than a couple of tries, and definitely held their own against strong competition.  The team produced a really great performance with all of the squad enjoying the experience.

Congratulations to all the Ravens who participated – you have done your club proud and the performance bodes well for the future!

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