The club is delighted to announce that it will be re-opening from Saturday 4th July. With safety our our staff and customers paramount, a number changes to our layout and processes have been made.

The main change is that, in order to use the clubs facilities, you MUST book your space using the booking link at the bottom of this article. As we are restricted on the number of people who can be on site at any one time, if you do not have a booking, please do not come to the club as you will not be allowed to enter.

The club has been split in to 6 "zones" - 3 indoor and 3 outdoor. Please note that the outdoor zones do not have cover or seating for everyone, so be prepared to bring your own chairs / picnic blankets.

Please bear with us as we refine our processes and take note of the following rules which we are introducing in order to adhere to the government guidance:

Please respect our staff and other customers during your visit and read through the following before visiting.


  • We are implementing the 2 metre social distancing rule (Despite the 1m plus rule). Anyone who breaks this rule will be asked to leave the premises and re-entry will be reviewed at a later date.</li>
  • We are limiting the number of people in each zone to 30, but within this, you should not be sat in groups of more than 6.</li>
  • We have a one-way system in place for moving around the pub and for those people who are seated outside, to order drinks.</li>
  • Should you want a seat / cover in one of our outside areas, you must bring your own.


  • Bookings will be required for both indoors AND outdoors areas.
  • You can only book a place in one zone per day and will not be allowed to move between zones
  • if you book outside, and the weather does not allow people to remain outside, you will not be able to amend your booking to be seated inside.
  • We will be following the government guidelines and asking for names, addresses and phone numbers of everyone you book for. The easiest way to do this is when you book your reservation.
  • Customers can book 2 hour slots. Feel free to book more than one slot, but this must be in the same zone.
  • The maximum capacity for each zone is noted on the booking form. 
  • Some indoor seating has been removed to adhere to the 2m rule
  • Some benches will be available outside, but to guarantee a seat, please bring your own.
  • People found to be positioning seats which do not adhere to social distancing rules will be Refused service asked to leave the premises
  • There will be no drinking at the bar and no standing allowed inside (table service only)
  • Please do not turn up to the club UNLESS YOU HAVE A BOOKING
  • Please use the main entrance for access to the club, where you will be asked to confirm your parties details and you will be directed to your table
  • upon arrival, you will need to pay a £10 CASH deposit for a numbered tray. You will only be served drinks if you have a tray.
  • The cash deposit will be refunded upon return of the tray.
  • There will be limited car parking facilities available



  • For people sat inside, table service will be provided.
  • For people sat in the outside zones, please use the front entrance to the club and make your way upstairs, keeping 2m from the person in front of you.
  • A maximum of 6 drinks can be purchased at any one time.
  • Payment for drinks is CARD ONLY (Includes contactless). We do not accept cash for the purchase of drink from the bar.


  • Please maintain your distance when entering the toilets.
  • If the toilets are full, please wait outside for someone to leave, before entering
  • Antibacterial wipes will be available in each toilet for wiping down seat and flush. Please do not dispose of these wipes by flushing down the toilet - please use the bins provided.
  • Disposable Paper towels Will be available for drying hands after washing, as well as the hand driers
  • our toilets will be cleaned by staff regularly.


  • Last orders will be called 45 minutes before the advertised closing time

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